Food grade tributyrin

CAS: 60-05-1

Synonyms: Glyceryl tributyrate; Glycerol tributyrate

Purity: 99%min.

Capacity: 20000 tons annually output

Products Description

TributyrinWhat is Tributyrin

Tributyrin is a triglyceride containing three butyrate molecules esterified to glycerol, augments butyrate concentrations after hydrolyzation by pancreatic lipases.

Functions of Tributyrin

Hot Sale Food Grade Tributyrin China is a feed supplement for Intestinal Health. It is a new generation of the butyrate-glycerol ester of butyric acid. It will 100% bypass the stomach. Tributyrin could deliver butyric acids into the small intestine without being coated. Actually, we could find tributyrin naturally in milk and honey.

Comparison betTributyrinween Tributyrin and Butyrate salt

Butyrate salt needs to be coated with oil. Butyrate salt has no energy value. The butyric acids were bound to glycerol in Tributyrin.

Without the coating, Tributyrin could also deliver butyric acids to the small intestine. Tributyrin could offer a high supply of butyric acids and has energetic value in itself. 

Where to buy high purity of Tributyrin

Zancheng life sciences is Food Grade Tributyrin China Supplier and have strategic cooperation with the largest butyric acid manufacturer in China with an annual capacity of 50000 tons of butyric acid and 20000 tons of Tributyrin. Our brother company Eubiotics focuses on dealing with work in the field of animal guts health. We could supply the highest purity of Tributyrin of 99%min. which is better than any others in China. 

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