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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), also known as active substances or active ingredients, are the biologically active components in a pharmaceutical drug. These are the substances responsible for the therapeutic effects of a medication. API is a term commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to distinguish these active components from excipients, which are the inert substances used as fillers or carriers in a drug formulation.

APIs are a crucial part of the pharmaceutical industry, and their development and manufacturing require significant investment in research, development, and quality control to ensure that the resulting medications are safe and effective for patients.

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NO. Picture Product Name CAS Inquiry Now
1 943516-54-9 Paxlovid intermediate 943516-54-9 Paxlovid intermediate 943516-54-9 Inquiry Now
2 194421-56-2 Paxlovid intermediate 194421-56-2 Paxlovid intermediate 194421-56-2 Inquiry Now
3 Caronic anhydride Caronic anhydride 67911-21-1 Inquiry Now
4 Norfloxacin Norfloxacin 70458-96-7 Inquiry Now
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