Synthetic Vanillin

Chemical name: 4-Hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde

CAS NO.: 121-33-5

Molecular Formula: C8H8O3

Purity: 99. 5%min.

Vanillin is a phenolic aldehyde. Its functional groups include aldehyde, hydroxyl, and ether. It is the primary component of the extract of the vanilla bean. Synthetic vanillin is now used more often than natural vanilla extract as a flavoring agent in foods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals.

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What is synthetic vanillin?

Vanillin is one of the most widely used foods additives in the world, and has the reputation of "King of Food Spices". Zancheng is a professional vanillin manufacturer. .

Uses of vanillin

Vanillin is commonly used in many industries.

1. In the food industry, it is mainly used as a flavor enhancer, used in cakes, ice cream, soft drinks, chocolate, baked candy, and wine.

2. It can also be used as a food preservative in many kinds of food and flavors.

3. In the cosmetic industry, it can be used as a perfumer in perfume and face cream.

4. In the chemical industry, as a defoaming agent, vulcanization agent, and chemical precursor;

5. It can also be used for analytical detection, such as testing amino compounds and some acids;

6. In the pharmaceutical industry, as a smell shielding agent.

7. Because of its antibacterial effect, vanillin can be used as a pharmaceutical intermediate in the pharmaceutical industry, including in the treatment of skin diseases.

8. Vanillin has certain antioxidant and cancer prevention effects and can participate in the signal transmission between bacterial cells.

synthetic vanillin

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Is vanillin the same as vanilla?

Processed vanilla produces a flavor with an aroma. This flavor is the result of a complex mixture of molecules. There are many molecules that make up the taste of vanilla, but vanillin is the molecule that plays the largest role. Vanillin is a very important part of the complete vanilla flavor.

Is vanillin natural or synthetic? Where to buy vanillin powder?

In addition to vanilla extraction, synthetic vanillin can be manufactured by chemical synthesis, which is cheaper and more effective than vanilla plant extraction. It can be used in a much wider range of product applications. Click here to purchase the vanillin powder.

Characteristics of synthetic vanillin crystals

Appearance & Physical State

White crystals or slightly yellow needles with vanilla, sweet, balsamic, and pleasant odor



Boiling Point

170ºC (15 mmHg)

Melting Point


Flash Point


Refractive Index


Water Solubility

10 g/L (25 ºC)


soluble in ether, chloroform, acetic acid


Stable. May discolor on exposure to light. Moisture-sensitive. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents, perchloric acid.

Storage Condition

Store in a cool, dry place. Store protected from moisture. Store protected from light.

Vapor Density

5.3 (vs air)

Vapor Pressure

>0.01 mm Hg ( 25 °C)

The comprehensive application will promote the rapid growth of vanillin market demand in the future. In China, vanillin has more than 50 years of production history, has become vanillin production and supply of the country. Zancheng life sciences work on f&f industry, we are reputable vanillin manufacturer as well as ethyl vanillin suppliers in China. Our capacity can reach to 2,000mt/a for synthetic Vanillin and 1,000mt/a for Ethyl Vanillin. We offer you solutions for all food additives and flavors and fragrances.

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