Benzoic Acid

Many processed foods contain benzoic acid or one of its salts as a preservative. The acid inhibits the growth of bacteria, molds, and yeasts; it works best when the food has an acidic pH value. Benzoic acid also is often found in topithe bcal antifungal preparations.

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What is benzoic acid food grade?

Benzoic acid is derived from Gum Benzoin, is a colorless crystalline solid, used as a preservative and for its antifungal properties.Benzoic acid is commonly used antimicrobial preservative in food and carbonated beverages, has inhibitory effects on the proliferation of bacteria and yeasts, and extending the shelf life.

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Benzoic acid Technical Parameters



Phthalic Acid and PBB content100 MG/KG MAX
CharacteristicLow smell, low corrosion and low caking

Relevant Certificate of benzoic acid  we have got

We have obtained FAMI-QS,Reach,Halal certificates for this product.

 Benzoic AcidBenzoic Acid

Benzoic Acid

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