Ferric Sodium EDTA

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Sodium Ferric EDTA is comprised of iron in a sodium EDTA chelate. Sodium Ferric EDTA is a commodity ingredient used in agriculture as a micronutrient and used in the chemical industry as a catalyst. Sodium Ferric EDTA is a common chelating agent, which immobilizes metal ions until in an environment where they are available for uptake.

MF.: C10H12FeN2NaO8

CAS No: 15708-41-5.

Products Description

Product testing standard

PH(1% solution)3.8-6.0
Matters insoluble in water %0.1 MAX
AppearanceBrown or yellow crystalline powder

EDTA-Fe Na is a kind of stable and oxidizing water-soluble metal chelate, in which iron exists in chelate state

What are the main applications of EDTA Fe Na?
It can be used as a decolorizing agent in photography, additive in the food industry, trace element in agriculture, and catalyst in industry.
In agriculture, it can quickly enhance photosynthesis, increasing the synthesis of chlorophyll. After using it, yellow leaves will turn green, hypertrophic and bright. Branches become thick and healthy. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of diseases such as leaflet, yellow leaf, mosaic leaf, louver, top withered, spots, stripes and so on. With enhanced crop resistance to drought, cold, adversity, disease and insect pests. EDTA Fe Na is an ideal iron supplement.

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